International Delivery -

We know you want to have access and enjoy the best in terms of natural products, no matter where you are. 
As a result of the many requests we received from our customers, beginning with September 2016 we introduced international delivery service which is available in the following European Union countries:
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands and Hungary. 

Choose your favorite natural products online and receive them at home, at the office or wherever you like! 

How can I order natural products internationally?
That's quick and simple!
Pick the products you want, add them in the shopping cart and fill out the requested delivery information. 
In order to be able to introduce your international phone number, you have to check the international option right above the phone field. 

To complete the delivery address, choose the country where you want to receive the order and then you will see the delivery cost for that particular country. Please note that the displayed delivery costs are available only for orders with a maximum weight of 2 kg! This refers not only to the actual weight of the products themselves (500 ml, 1 kg etc), but includes also the packs (which can be bottles and jars of glass, for example), the protection materials we use to securely wrap the products and the cardboard box we deliver them into. 
Orders heavier than 2 kg will be weighted and one of our operators will contact you via phone or e-mail to communicate you the final delivery costs. Afterwards, you will also receive an e-mail containing the payment link in order to pay the price difference. If the price difference is not paid, we reserve the right to cancel your order and return the money fully.

Payment Options

For international delivery, you can only pay with credit card (VISA, VISA ELECTRON, MAESTRO or MASTERCARD). 
It is very important to fill out the complete and correct address, and also the phone number so we can contact you. In situations when you place the order but someone else should receive it, we kindly ask you to provide us the phone number of that particular person. You can do this in the Order details field ("Observatii comanda" in romanian), or by contacting a Vegis operator either via phone at the number 0371.521.332, or by e-mail at [email protected]

The delivery costs (for maximum 2 kg) in the European Union countries are:
 Zones  Countries Shipping tax/ 2kg  (Ron)
Zone 1 Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece (continental), Hungary  98.99 RON (aprox. 20 € )
Zone 2 Belgium, Croatia, France, Italy (continental), Luxembourg, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, The Netherlands  101.99 RON (aprox. 20.5 € )
Zone 3  Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Portugal (continental), Spain (continental), Sweeden  105.99 RON (aprox. 21.5 € )


  •  the indicated delivery costs have VAT included and are final for orders with a maximum weight of 2 kg. Remember this applies for orders that have 2 kg after being packed with all the protection materials needed (including the cardboard box itself), and that  we take into consideration including the weigh of the packs themselves. 
  • the delivery costs for the following countries are available only for the mainland: Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal. For island areas specific to these countries there is another delivery tax which will be calculated and provided to you by one of our operators. So, for orders which are heavier than 2 kg, and for delivery in the island areas of one of the specified countries, please contact us via e-mail at [email protected] to calculate your final delivery cost. 

Our international delivery service is available only through DHL Express courier, and the delivery time varies depending on the country of destination.  
For more information about international delivery please contact us via e-mail at [email protected].
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